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Embracing Change



So here we are, online 🙂, thanks for joining us on our newly re-designed website.

For our new customers and browsers thank you so much for clicking the link that got you here. For our supportive and loyal customers who are still here as a part of our journey, THANK YOU!

If you are a Guyanese RareFinz customer you are quite use to our two conveniently located stores in Giftland Mall and Tower Suites Hotel. At those locations we gave you awesome products, good customer service and a beautiful place to shop comfortably. Providing our Guyanese customers with this experience was so important to us as it was a rarity when we broke into the retail market in Georgetown. Since then so much has changed. 

Now post pandemic, we find ourselves starting over. New beginnings are so refreshing and exciting but took much consideration and careful planning. For us this season is an opportunity to regroup and rebuild our online store while we still maintaining a physical presence in Guyana. We are currently located in Bel-Air-Park Georgetown, in the Bella Vista Mall on Duncan street. You are still able to shop in person, with our awesome sales rep Dominique.

As you may have noticed, the site has two very distinct product locations, Online & In Store. It was very important to make this distinction for our shoppers. As we jump into this new journey please give us grace lol. As we commit to continue delivering to you beautiful, unique and timeless finds to add to your collection. We also look forward to continue to inspire and influence you all.

Don’t worry, you will love it here xoxo 😘

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